Walk Among Us


I’ve written on this blog before at my self-annoyance with having come to the Misfits late in life. Even still, I’ve not ventured much further than the clammy embrace of Static Age.

For some reason, I decided this week was the time to finally dip into Walk Among Us, and goddam, the fiends strike again. It’s a masterpiece.

I’ve played it four times in a row today, and will be reading my fifth spin shortly.

If you don’t know this record — learn from my mistakes. Chekkitowt.

Nothing But Trouble

Once, I watched Nothing But Trouble (1991), and convinced myself I dreamed the whole thing.

Why wasn’t this movie more widely known? Directed by Dan Ackroyd? Starring Chevy Chase, John Candy and Demi Moore? A horror comedy, no less?

Well I re-watched it. I didn’t dream it. It’s wildly unpleasant. Very creepy. Akin to Alex Winter’s Freaked, but not ever close to being anywhere near as good.

Here are some images from it. Big shout out to Mr. BoneStripper!

The Hem

I wrote last week about a shift in my creative focus.

It’s going good still. I don’t wanna jinx it, so I won’t write any more than that.

That’s the whole post!

Jeez, I really have to ration my output these days, as productivity sure is hard to come by…

A shift

Yeah, I’m still bloody here. Still on lockdown, and still extremely lucky to have no major concerns. Just waiting, and happy to wait as long as is necessary to keep people safe.

However, I’ve kind of shifted away from the novel I’ve been writing. I’m still going to finish it, but I’m focussing purely on the maths of getting words on the page to be able to call the first draft ‘done’.

Instead, I’ve started writing a different novel – ooh, concurrent WIPs!
My first time trying this. And I’m waaaaaaay more excited about this project.

Normally I start to feel the drag around the 50% mark (not a good sign, I know). So let’s see how I’m doing a six-weeks-ish from now.

Take it easy guys. Stay safe.

Still here?

Well, as you surely know, the lockdown continues.

I’m still struggling to write. But stillness very much feels like the move right now. Amirite?

I am just squeaking out 500 words a day, sometimes 1000 if I’m lucky. That’s literally one quarter of what I’d normally write daily, but for now I’m trying to remind myself that ‘normally’ is not really an option for the foreseeable.

It’s not as if I’m in a hurry. When the world emerges blinking back into the light, one, two, three, six, or more months from now… Whatever I have written will be whatever I have written. And that will be enough.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay ok. x