Man, I loved this movie.

That’s the whole post.


In the lab

Editing is going well. I’m pretty absorbed. Not much else to say.

Here is a photo I took in Prague a few days ago.


The Jester


Another in my ongoing series about how much I love the characters in Darkest Dungeon.

The Jester is rad. I won’t hear a single word against him. He rocks out on the lute, he takes stress away from his mates, and he gets hella stabby when he wants to. Might not kill you with a single blow, but you’ll bleed out over time, all the while he’s riffin’ on that lute like a blood-drenched Sting.

Such a massive lad.

The Vestal


Ah yes, another post continuing my obsession with Darkest Dungeon. This time I wanted to salute the character of The Vestal.

She’s a nun, and she’s good at healing. She’s not the best fighter, but everything about her character lends itself so well to the story and tone of the game. She’s brave, but she must push on. Every horror she faces drives her further from the light. But still she gets drawn in.

Man. I love this game.

The Flagellant


Yeah it’s another post about Darkest Dungeon.

I love this game so much, I thought I’d dive into one or two of the characters, starting with The Flagellant.

Look at how sick he is. Just look at him. That bloody hoot. The neck brace with the upturned spikes.

The Flagellant makes people bleed. That’s what he does. He also makes himself bleed. I’m not 100% sure as I refuse to do too much reading about it in favour of working things out for myself, but I think he gets STRONGER the more blood he loses.

Basically he’s a big bad lad, and I love this character, and I REALLY love the fact that in any other game he’d be a villain but in Darkest Dungeon he’s a good guy.

Man. That’s rad.

Darkest Dungeon


Now that I’m in my self-imposed four week period of NOT writing, I needed a new obsession to take up my time. Luckily, Darkest Dungeon found me.

I don’t think I’ve ever played a video game more perfectly geared towards my tastes.

Horror setting? Check.

Turn-based action? Sure man.

City management? Go ahead, you big nerd.

The art style, the music, the story, the repetition. AH THE BLISSFUL REPETITION! I love it all. The first day, I played it for four hours, made myself walk around the block, then came back and played it for two more hours. It’s such a luxury to throw myself into wasting time like this, and it’s making me so so happy.

It’s going to be pretty hard to tear myself away from it in a month when it’s time to start writing again. Oh well. That day may never come…

I’m back baby

Ok so last week I finished the first draft of my new book.

It felt great! But now I’m forcing myself to take a month off writing before I dive back in. That’s actually proving quite hard. It’s the fastest I’ve ever churned out a draft, and as a result, I’m still very much not sick of those characters yet.

The shape and meaning of the story is still firming up in my head, and I can’t wait to get back to chipping away at that coalface. But I really, really, shouldn’t…. yet.

Instead I’m going to make myself have a month of ‘sponge time’, soaking up as many books and movies as I can to get fully inspired to hit the ground running this time next month.

Man, it’s tricky though!

Expect more blog posts in the meantime, as I ween myself off of writing for a while….